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Some Birthdays
1. Elena Vodorezova ( age: 55 )
Elena Germanovna Vodorezova (born 21 May 1963), is a former Soviet figure skater. She trained at the Armed Forces sports society in Moscow. She is now working as a figure skating coach at the CSKK Club in Moscow. Her pupils include Elene Gedevanishvi
2. Fabrizio Zanotti ( age: 35 )
Fabrizio Zanotti (born 21 May 1983) is a Paraguayan professional golfer. Zanotti was born in Asunción. He was Paraguay's top ranked amateur golfer for six straight years before turning professional in 2003. In 2006 Zanotti won the Tour de las Ame
3. Gilles Apap ( age: 55 ) ( Musician )
Gilles Apap (born May 21, 1963) is a French violinist who plays Romani (gypsy) music, swing, Irish music, and bluegrass music, as well as the masterpieces of classical music. Born in Bougie, he was raised in Nice, France. In 1985 he won the first pri
Guillermo Franco (born 21 May 1983 in Buenos Aires) is an Argentine football defender who plays for Godoy Cruz in the Argentine Primera División.
5. Günter Zöller ( age: 70 ) ( German figure skater )
Günter Zöller is a German figure skater and figure skating coach. Zöller was a child when he began figure skating. His coach was Jutta Müller. He skated for the club SC Karl-Marx-Stadt and represented East Germany. In 1967 he won the East German nati
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